New York 2017

In February and September 2017 Colleen showcased Buluuy Mirrii designs in New York. The February runway was a world-first – Colleen became the first international Indigenous designer to showcase on the first day of PLITZS New York City Fashion Week. 

Colleen’s work uniquely places Aboriginal cultural story within international fashion.  The name “Buluuy Mirrii: Black Stars” embodies the vision for the business, to create outcomes that are bigger than Colleen herself: international successes for her models, artists, label and designs as well as international development opportunities through her youth development program.


The label Buluuy Mirrii celebrates a range of Aboriginal talents.  Commissioned Gomeroi artworks are transformed into fabric patterns by a Gomeroi graphic designer, printed on luxury fabrics and sewn into one-off garments. Her label, Buluuy Mirrii promotes and revives important aspects of Gomeroi culture in each runway show, allowing the international fashion audience to learn some of Gomeroi cultural richness through Gomeroi soundtracks and voice overs which tell the stories behind each garments.

Colleen’s vision is to maximise her exposure and development and to extend her international networks and knowledge through these international opportunities. She hopes to make her label a household name and pave the way for more Aboriginal designers.  Her long-term vision is to establish a 100% Aboriginal owned and run fashion house in Australia.

© 2018 by Colleen Tighe Johnson