Buluuy Mirrii Youth Development Program

Buluuy Mirrii also incorporates a social enterprise – the Buluuy Mirrii Youth Development Program which provides mentoring, cultural development, self-esteem and fashion industry training for Aboriginal youth in Tamworth and Moree.

Drawing on her education background and a deep understanding of her community, Colleen has been able to ensure that the Buluuy Mirrii Youth Development Program meets young people where they are at - providing mentors from across the community who engage them with life skills and cultural knowledge, within a program that culminates in fashion runways at a local level, instilling confidence, pride and self-esteem in the participants.


The program has proved its success over 10 years of operation, diverting Aboriginal young people from making negative life choices and reducing the incidence of unemployment, drug and alcohol use, teen pregnancies and other risks. Moreover, a number of young local models have gone on to win Indigenous model search and to travel with Colleen to national and international runways. 

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